The Archipelago Promise


You are a sailor looking for your brother on an old and forgotten island somewhere in the Bering sea. You were supposed to meet up after dropping them off a month ago. But due to the harsh weather conditions, your ship has been damaged trying to dock. You’ll need to repair your boat to survive the harsh weather conditions and wildlife of Alaska. By using the Journal that was left behind you’re able to trace your brother’s steps on the islands and find out where they might be located…

The Archipelago Promise is a single-player open-world survival game in which you explore different islands to find your lost brother. You collect supplies on the different islands to survive the Harsh Alaskan Environment and protect yourself from dangerous wildlife.

By exploring the different islands you are able to locate your lost brother using old scraps that were left behind as well as the notes he wrote in your Journal.

My Contributions

  • Year 3 (2022-2023)
  • 1 year
  • Unreal Engine 5
  • 26 people
  • CPU and GPU profling (250 ms -> 6 ms per frame) on my own
  • Developed the saving and loading system from scratch
  • Developed the equipment list from scratch


Mouse & KeyboardController
MovementWASDLeft Stick
CameraMouse MovementRight Stick
Sprinthold SHIFT
WatchQD-Pad left
Equipment WheelF + ScrollD-Pad right +
Right Stick


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