Spell Fighting


Spell Fighting is a game where you want to knock your opponent off the platform. You can do this by casting various spells onto yourself and other players. Multiple spells of the same type can be picked up for a bigger/stronger version of themselves. You have 2 primary and 3 secondary spells. The shield and the grab spells are your primary spells, thus always available if you have enough mana. The 3 secondary spells have to be picked up, but can also be stacked.

Spells also interact with other spells, e.g. hitting a meteor with the wind spell causes the tornado to fly in the direction of the wind spell.

My Contributions

  • Year 2 semester 2 (2021)
  • 5 weeks
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • 11 people
  • Made and configured all the spells
  • Made and configured the local multiplayer
  • Made all the spell pickups
  • Made all the menus
  • Hosted all the playtest sessions using Parsec


To cast a spell (except the grab and shield spells), hold the button to show spawning area and let go to cast.

MovementLeft Stick
AimRight Stick
Cast Ice SpellX
Cast Meteor SpellY
Cast Wind SpellB
Cast Shield SpellLB
Cast Grab SpellHold RB


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