Empires is a game made on the Raspberry Pi, where you need to conquer the entire galaxy. Each planet has a random amount of tech and a random amount of recourses, which determines the profit each planet will get.

You start out with a single planet, which makes you a little bit of profit. Once you gather enough credits, you can buy a discovery ship to discover and claim more planets. These planets will also generate a little bit of profit, but the supply ship needs to collect the credits and bring them back before you can use them. After you collect a big number of credits, you can buy a carrier ship, with a specified number of fighters. This ship can only be built on some planets, dependent on the tech and recourse levels. The ship will go to a planet of the opponent and will fight to conquer the planet. Make sure you buy enough carrier ships with plenty fighters to fight back your opponent and win the game!

My Contributions

  • Year 1 semester 3 (2021)
  • 8 weeks
  • Custom engine
  • 2 people
  • Made a simple traveling salesman algorithm for the carrier ships
  • Made all the ship logic
  • Made the galaxy generation algorithm
  • Made an AI for the opponent
  • Made all the menus

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